Sunday, October 3, 2010

Countdown: 29 days

Hey, look, I found a better way to do the countdown!! Too bad none of the countdown "gadgets" on blogger seem to want to work for me. :(

Anyway, here I am writing blog posts when I should be starting the layout for my novel. Or homework. Yeah, homework. That's good, too. To be honest, though, I haven't actually given much thought to my novel yet. I have a premise that might be fun, but no plotline to work with (this would make it like the third year in a row that this has happened to me). Or I could redo the novels from last year or two years ago, but I almost want to work on those as projects outside of NaNo. Also they have so much planning yet to do that I hate to just stuff it all together in a month. Oh well. I'll browse around the forums on the website and see if I can't find anything that catches my eye.

On the bright side though, this is my favorite time of year. It's finally getting cooler (at least a little bit *glares at the 80-degree high predicted for today on her weather app*) and I just enjoy the feeling I get this time of year. I'm finally settling into a routine with school, I adore the holidays, from Halloween to New Year's. The high from NaNoWriMo is also nice, too, especially now that I have the FoCo community to share it with. I have to admit that I fancy the changing day length.

There's really not much else to say though. October is still fresh, and pre-NaNo stuff has yet to take off. I'm being lazy about my planning (or I really just don't want to get it done by this time next week and spend the rest of the month with nothing to do). I've also been just really sluggish and unmotivated this weekend. Mmmppph. >.<

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