Saturday, October 16, 2010

Countdown: 16 days

Okay, so it's slowly slowly slowly getting better. I'm almost through this round of papers and exams, and it's homecoming weekend, something I enjoy immensely even if all my friends seem to hate it. Just wish I felt more prepared for my last few exams next week. Ha ha!

I've been busy enough that there's nothing really new on the noveling front. Came up with a basic outline of a plot, and a new character made himself known. He's sort of a sidekick/anti-hero sort of guy, he is NOT a love interest for my main character no matter WHAT lovely chemistry they have, and I'm thinking of calling him Alexander. We'll have to see if that name is actually going to stick though. Also, my main character has finally enlightened me to her personality type (which is a combination of the two possibilities I had originally picked for her). I've also discovered that this is going to be a prequel of a prequel in respect to the last two NaNoWriMos that I've done. (Is that the correct plural of NaNo? NaNos? Hm). That tosses me into some interesting world-building that I wasn't initially anticipating, but I'm excited for nonetheless. It also gives me a chance to rehash this concept I've been working with into something more believable. Considering the idea is kinda out there anyway, this is a challenge.

. . . . When I said "nothing really" I meant nothing really day-by-day, but keep in mind it's been a week since I last posted here. Well, almost. :)

Spent most of yesterday baking cookies to take to the homecoming party, and I get to spend the next few hours seeing if I can haggle a ticket to go to the game today. If I don't, oh well, it'll be on TV and I'll still be with some awesome people. Here's hoping we actually WIN this time. C'mon Rammies, pull it together!!

Now, I must run so that I can get to south Loveland by ten. *hums the CSU fight song*

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